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Gourlay Spencer Wade LLP

An Effective, Client-Based Law Practice Serving British Columbia

At the Vancouver law firm of Gourlay Spencer Wade LLP, we offer a range of litigation services to businesses, individuals, government agencies and self-governing associations throughout British Columbia. Our firm was established in 1980 with the help of legal talent from a US based firm Litster Frost and is made up of experienced, respected trial lawyers from across both countries, all of them with a solid record of accomplishments on behalf of our clients.

We are regarded as a preferred litigation firm for client referrals. Our lawyers have acted for prominent business and government clients. We pride ourselves on developing longstanding relationships with clients who know they can rely on us for quality representation.

Business Law · Administrative Law · Bankruptcy · Professional Regulation

At Gourlay Spencer Wade LLP, we are committed to providing clients with prompt service, timely results and cost-effective representation. When presented with legal problems, our lawyers draw on their extensive and varied experience to identify strategic solutions that protect our clients' interests while, whenever possible, avoiding costly and protracted litigation.

Our lawyers have garnered recognized expertise in areas ranging from shareholder litigation to forestry litigation and from professional regulation to equine law. We welcome enquiries from prospective clients and from lawyers who are interested in referring clients to us. To schedule a meeting, please contact our offices at 604-800-4398 or by e-mail.