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Creditor-Debtor Disputes

Enforcing Creditors' Rights and Defending Enforcement Proceedings

At Gourlay Spencer Wade LLP, we represent both creditors and debtors in disputes over the enforcement of creditors' rights. Our lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of the statutory and common law remedies available to creditors with respect to the recovery of outstanding claims and judgements arising from contracts, including loan agreements and the delivery of goods and services.

  • On behalf of creditors, we frequently assist in the enforcement of judgements and security interests in debtors' property, often relying on the remedies provided by legislation such as the Personal Property Security Act and the Builders Lien Act.
  • On behalf of debtors, we help companies and individuals explore their options for avoiding reliance on the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. When it is necessary to invoke the protections of the act, we carefully guide clients through the bankruptcy process.

Creditor-debtor disputes constitute a substantial part of our practice, and our lawyers have gained a great deal of insight into what can be done to protect the interests of both creditors and debtors. To schedule a meeting, please contact our offices at 604-800-4398 or by e-mail.

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